Unified Interface in Dynamics 365 – great job

Unified Interface in Dynamics 365 looks great, not so much white space like in current UI. The thing is, I just hope it won’t break anything in existing UI.

The challenging plan behind Unified Client Interface/Infrastructure “UCI” is to bring a single client technology to cover all the different UI’ s across many devices, Outlook, Web Mobile, …. – fingers crossed!

  1. Post about it on Linkedin with interesting opinions from CRM community:  https://www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:629750374259389235
  2. Brilliant Brian’ article describes all features:  https://community.dynamics.com/enterprise/b/dynamics365fordevelopers/archive/2017/06/20/dynamics-365-v9-0-summary-july-2017-update
  3. Great article posted byJukka: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/survivingcrm/archive/2017/07/03/the-long-road-to-unified-interface-in-dynamics-365

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Comprehensive online guide for Dynamics 365

CRMBOOK published by PowerObjects can be useful for CRM users on different level of experience with this product. It also covers many topics from previous versions of Dynamics CRM e.g. 2011, 2013 to show for example how a navigation was changing to improve user experience.

The content of this book covers topics ranging from the basics to the more advanced questions about CRM administration and extending as well.

The idea with online book is really great,  especially when Dynamics CRM is chaining so often and we experience so many releases, updates,…

PowerObjects decided that they would not bother with print and publish an online book that could be easily maintained – reallygood point.

www.xrmarchitects.com – Innovation and Excellence in Microsoft

I was happy to accept invitation from Simon Jackson to be an associated CRM/AX Solution Architect with XRM Architects.

The website www.xrmarchitects.com went live and shortly team page will go live as well.  XRM Architects specialise and provide bespoke Microsoft Dynamics 365 solutions. Implementing the right CRM solution first time for the client is a priority for XRM Architects. Getting it wrong is very expensive waste of time and resources, isn’t it ?

I follow Simon’ articles on Linkedin, posts and blogs. I think he really does a great job for CRM community. I was impressed his innovative and interactive blog – well done. His blog was also very informative for me last year. Please look yourself as well – https://crm-musings.blogspot.co.uk/

The readers can even switch between custom views for posts e.g. Flipcard, Mosaic, Sidebar, Snapshot, Timeline. My favourite view is Snapshot – https://crm-musings.blogspot.co.uk/?view=snapshot

Last, but not least I highly recommend to read 11 Top Tips for CRM Success from XRM Architects. There you will find 11 top tips to getting CRM system implementation right the first time.