CRM Events in Europe

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In the previous post we were asked by some readers about any other CRM events in Europe like CRM Saturday. Also one blog’ reader has asked us about CRM events particularly in Poland.

Like so far we identified the following CRM events in Europe:

  • CRM Saturday – It is a free CRM Technical & Strategy Event organised by the Microsoft Dynamics Community in selected cities like London, Dublin, Zurich, Istanbul. The upcoming event will be in Dublin on 4th March 2017. In one of our post we described CRM Saturday 2017 at London.
  • CRM Meetup –  This event is a typical free CRM Meetup organised by local CRM community at Microsoft’ office at London.
  • Extreme CRM –  It is the premier event focused exclusively on helping the CRM community maximize the business benefits from their CRM solutions. It is global opportunity to share the knowledge and experience between CRM providers from different countries. The upcoming event will be in March 2017 at Lisbon.

As far I know there are not to many CRM events in Poland.  We know about:

  1. Dynamics Business Forum. It is the biggest event in Poland for the leaders on the Dynamics CRM and NAV market. Like you can notice speakers are mainly from two leading Dynamics companies: Netwise and IT.INTEGRO
  2. Dynamics NAV conference. It is an event rather for Dynamics NAV’ leaders than Dynamics CRM’ providers.

If you know anything about any other CRM’ events  in Europe we would love to hear about it.

Thank you very much!

Top 5 CRM Trends 2017 by eBECS

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and eBECS can help you move your business to the Cloud. The webinar will be about benefits of moving to the cloud. You can learn how:

  • Maximize your existing CRM investments
  • Unify CRM workflows across your organization
  • Boost Sales Cycles for faster closing
  • Expand capacity with eBECS tailored CRM Solutions

You can register to this event using following url:

CRM Saturday – Free CRM Technical & Strategy Event

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I really enjoyed CRM Saturday at Microsoft in Paddington, London. Great day and very insightful sessions from all the speakers. Nice to see all the familiar faces again. I have finally met personally those who I have connected only on Linkedin or I have knows only their blogs e.g. Ben Hosking, Marius Agur Pedersen and many others.

It was fantastic well organised event with very informative sessions. I highly recommend CRM Saturday to all CRM professionals. It is a great occasion to see many colleagues from the Dynamics community. See you at the next one!

If you need more information about CRM Saturday 2017 please visit following links:

  1. What I learnt from CRM Saturday Paddington by Ben Hosking
  2. Agenda for CRM Saturday London