PoweBI – Flexible pricing to fit your budget

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Happy Healthy Friday

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You are, what you eat!

Get ready, get steady, Go – CRM Programme for Women

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ready, steady, go!

If so then a new programme from TopOneCRM

Get Ready, Get Steady, Go is open to women who are out of the workforce and want to start a career in IT.

Classes will run two mornings a week in our office. The programme will cover Personal Development and Health & Well-being. You will be able to develop a Personal plan for your future

For more information contact on email office@toponecrm.com

Connected Field Service to PowerBI in Real Time

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God gave you eyes so you can plagiarize.

Dynamics 365 Saturday 2018, Sydney

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The Strategy sessions address challenges of practically implementing Business Solutions and Digital Transformation within organisations and driving user adoption. The Technical sessions are aimed to facilitate Dynamics 365 Developers and Technical Consultants responsible for Extending, Customizing, and Administrating Dynamics 365.


The Lightning Talk sessions are aimed for a short presentation format with tips to address a specific topic.


Dynamics 365 Bootcamps for 365 Saturday will provide Hands-on Workshops.

Solving Complex Dynamics integration problems with SSIS – http://365saturday.com/dynamics/london-jan2018/

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D365 London 2018

Title 1: SSIS for Solving complex integration requirements

Title 2: Solving Complex Dynamics integration problems with SSIS

This presentation is an introduction a concept of CRM data integration based on Student Information System. It seems to be the best and simplest possible way to tell compelling story of data integration. The universities have successfully implemented Dynamics CRM. It is very interesting how they can take advantage of CRM data integration.

No risk , no reward

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How to address your mail in UK – Clear addressing

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The best way to address your mail for fast delivery in the UK and abroad.



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