D365 London 2018

All the best for you all in New Year 2018!

I am delighted to announce my presentation “Solving Complex integration scenarios with SSIS” on next CRM Saturday in London Paddington on 27th January (15.00 – 16.00). I am looking forward to see some of you there. Here is url to event registration page:


Tickets are free, although spaces are limited to the first 100 Registrants.

Event will be headed up by:
James Philips – Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
Ben Volmer – Global Field Service lead, Microsoft
Nick Delacamp – Vice President of CafeX Communications

Quick fixes

It is better to spend more time to do it right way (ideally first time), because “quick fixes” usually come back like the Loch Ness Monster.

Mariusz’ shared following post:


Original post and discussion:


It is very common problem everywhere. Should we do and deliver fast or right way ? Recently our partner company was contacted by their client with following query: Can you implement CRM system faster, because we will have big sales in this week ? Our CRM Partner  replies for this query: Do you want us to do it wrong way just to implement 1 moth faster than we agreed ?



Less is Better than More

When it comes to customisations of Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV, basically all Microsoft business products, less is better than more. For that reason so many heavily customised Dynamics systems failed in past years. Please remember Less is Better than More when you customise your system.

It is big lesson for the whole Microsoft Dynamics community, isn’t it?

If you really need customise heavily your system please always

  1. ask you client why it is required,
  2. prioritise all customisations
  3. control all changes – change control
  4. please don’t promise too much
  5. and never ever don’t say it easy

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A CRM project – RELATION

A CRM project is more than just business contract. It is a strong personal RELATION at work as well. For that reason we love working on the client side, because projects allow to build strong client relationships.

Please leave us a comment or your opinion. Maybe you have interesting stories about your relations with clients. We are happy to hear.

XRM Architects’ team

I was happy to accept invitation to XRM Architects’ team. Please see the whole team: http://www.xrmarchitects.com/meet-the-team/

A designer of CRM / AX technical architecture, Mariusz knows how to deliver a polished and beneficial implementation of Dynamics 365. He can manage the full project lifecycle for any Dynamics 365 project and seamlessly works with us on a temporary basis.  Mariusz works with us on a temporary basis when projects require his specialise skillset.  He is from our Dynamics 365 partners TopOneCRM.

current vs new UI at Dynamics 365 (D365)

There is a significant difference between current vs new UI at #D365, isn’t it ?I believe a following screenshot is showing the difference well.

New UI looks better, not so much white space like in current UI. I really hope it  will be a game changer and it won’t break anything in existing CRM’ systems. New unified concept is very interesting challenge which could improve user experience with this product.

Event Management at D365

Event Management is due to be part of the Business Edition Marketing app at Dynamics 365. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed final dates for the preview or release (Spring 2017 Release) yet.

It may still be subject to change, the new Dynamics 365 Marketing app will include only limited marketing resource management capabilities. But it will include more robust features for most multi-channel campaigns, event management, sales collaboration, customer intelligence and profiling and customization. Microsoft hasn’t confirmed dates for preview or release for this yet, but they are expecting news in the next couple of weeks.

I have heard about some presentations on Extreme 365 (conference) about it – Param’s deck.  However there is not too much information online about like so far. I just could find a few screenshots about incoming Event Management at D365.

Please share if you have any updates, actual links, urls, literally anything!

CRM Portal Records Mover

New XrmToolBox plugin : Portal Records Mover. It allows to export/import portal records that have been created/updated since a specific date – nice!

Finally we can be very precise and selecting only records we exact need.

Technical details: https://community.dynamics.com/crm/b/dynamicscrmtools/archive/2017/06/13/new-xrmtoolbox-plugin-portal-records-mover